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Red Riding Hood

I honestly didn’t want to read this book that much. I was going to return it to the library instead of reading it. But boy am I glad I didn’t return it. I couldn’t stop reading it until the end. My mom called me for dinner and I said just a minute. Half an hour later I was still reading.

I saw the commercial for the movie and I was like really??? A type of horror movie from a little kid’s story book. I really want to see the movie now.

Valerie family is forcing her to marry Henry, but Valerie doesn’t want to marry Henry. Every other girl would love a chance to marry Henry but Valerie doesn’t care. She’s in love with Peter, who she hasn’t seen for over ten years. They were childhood best friends and one day Peter was forced to leave because her father had “committed murder”.

Ten year later Peter shows up in town, Valerie and her friends are surprised at how handsome he has gotten. Then one night Claude found Lucie (Valerie’s sister) body lying near a field. Killed by the wolf. Soon the whole town is scared, wondering whose little girl the wolf is going to kill next.

As Peter and Valerie get closer and closer there attraction towards each other gets stronger. Henry finds saw them kissing and he has broken off the engagement. Henry does love Valerie very much. He was sad to let her go but he didn’t want to see her sad when they were together. I liked Henry I wished that somehow it worked out between them but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

Still trying to figure out who the wolf is the whole town doesn’t know what to do. After Lucie dies some of the men from town go up to kill the werewolf once and for all. Henry’s dad dies and they want revenge finally they kill the beast. Or what they thought it was. More of the town died and the whole town was speechless not knowing who it was. Finally the wolf traps Valerie and her friend in a corner. Valerie can understand exactly what the wolf was saying. No one else can hear the wolf. They assume Valerie is a witch and they put her into a jail. They’re going to use her as bait to capture the wolf.

I don’t want to say anymore as to ruin the book but I do want to say that everyone should read this book. The ending doesn’t give you a clue of who the wolf but if you go to this website to read the final chapter and find out who the wolf really is.

5/5 stars


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