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Author interview and giveaway with Maria V. Snyder

Author:Maria V. Snyer
The poison study series
The storm glass series
Inside Out series
and her new book coming out in 2012-The touch of power

When I was 12, I learned about meteorologists and decided to become one. My visions of chasing tornados didn’t pan out since I was bad at forecasting. Let’s face it, I’m a daydreamer—always have been. I did graduate from Penn State University and was hired as an environmental meteorologist. It’s never a good idea to get caught idle, so I wrote my daydreams down. My first novel was Poison Study and it was published in 2005! I caught the writing bug and Magic Study and Fire Study soon followed. Even though I went on to earn a Masters degree in writing from Seton Hill University, I never lost my fascination with storms, which is evident in my Glass Series (Storm Glass, Sea Glass and Spy Glass). The environmentalist in me comes out in Inside Out. Trella’s world is contained and they must reuse and recycle everything. One thing they got right in one otherwise messed-up world! I love my new job. Where else can you take fencing lessons, learn to ride a horse, study martial arts, learn to pick locks, take glass blowing classes and get a tour of a maximum security prison and call it work? I’ll give you a hint—not working as a meteorologist :)

What made you decide to start writing Inside Out?

A: I dreamt the story - the whole thing, characters, plot, was the first time and last time that has ever happened (wish I could remember what I ate for dinner that night!). I really liked Trella and wanted to tell her story, so I wrote about 7 chapters and my publisher loved it and bought the story for their new YA line.

How long did it take you to write Inside out and Outside In?

A: It took me about 4 months to write the first draft and then another 2 months for revisions and edits - so a year total for both.

After you were done writing Inside out, did you already have the story made out for the second one?

A: No. I discover a story as I write so after the first book, I knew I wanted to focus on how everyone was adjusting to the changes or how they weren't :) and as I worked on it, the story unfolded. The second book was harder to write because I didn't dream the entire story and had to figure it out!

I know these books are about the future, and I was wondering what went on in your mind when you thought about writing about the future? Do you think the future is going is going to be like this?

A: Actually, I'm not sure if they are about our future - they could be about our past (ever wonder why the industrial revolution happened so fast??) or it could be about another race of people on their way here ;) Trella's people haven't told me their history....yet :)

Where's your favorite place to write?

A: In my office at home - although I wrote my latest project in our rec room downstairs on my laptop - it was away from the internet and all the piles of stuff I needed to do that kept distracting me.

How many hours a day do you write?

A: I try to write 5 hours a day and my goal is about 1500 words - but when a deadline is looming, I'll write up to 10 hours a day and around 3000 - 4000 words.

Would you compare Trella to yourself at all?

A: A little bit. She's very independent and able to take care of herself and that is from me, but otherwise, she's braver and more cynical than I am, and I'm more trusting than she is.

For future authors who want to write novels themselves,what advice would you give them?

A: Persistence is my biggest advice to all aspiring writers. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep writing and keep submitting. Don't give up...ever :) I do have a number of writing advice articles and tips on my website that you may find useful. Here's the link:

Maria V. Snyder is offering a set of the Inside out to giveaway!!!

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