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Playing Hurt

Playing Hurt

I haven’t read Holly schindler’s other book yet, but after reading this book I know I have to read it.
I love books that switch from one persons point of view to another, I can feel the emotion more between the both of them that way.
Although the book started out a little slow for me, I still loved it. I can’t really relate to any of the characters in this book mainly because I am not at all into sports or anything like that.  But reading this book made me refreshed and I kept reading. I didn’t know how this book was going to turn out. Although I did know that Clint and Chelsea would be together. It had to happen. Plus I have a habit of reading the last 2 pages of book before I start it. It almost always spoils the plot but I can’t stop the habit.
Playing Hurt is a book about strength and courage and getting over your fears.
Chelsea had an accident on the basketball court and now all her dreams are ruined. She had to have hip surgery and she never played basketball again after the accident. (Do you blame her?) Her dad takes her to a three week “boot camp” program at the Northern Minnesota lake resort during the summer. There she meets, Clint (her trainer) who has his own traumatic past. They are instantly attracted to each other but there’s one problem. Chelsea has a boyfriend back home is loyal and loves her so much. He is really clingy and would never hurt her. That’s why it’s so much harder to be Clint. But she loves him.

I honestly did love this book. Holly Schindler’s writing is so clear and I can picture everything, it’s so detailed, I feel that I was right there at the scene.  I can’t wait to read Holly Schindler’s other book (A Blue so Dark) that came out last year.

5/5 stars


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