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Cryer's Cross

Cryer’s cross is the most thrilling suspense novel ever. This novel has mystery, romance and an all around terrifying book. I loved this book, I read Lisa McMann’s wake trilogy and absolutely loved it, I really didn’t think she could come up with something better, she has outdone herself.

Weird things have been going on in the little town of criers cross, a girl has gone missing, no matter how far they look they just can’t find her. Kendall wasn’t that close to her but she was concerned.
Kendall has been best friends with Nico ever since they were born; there wasn’t a week one by that they haven’t seen each other since birth, One month after a girl in her class goes missing Nico starts acting strange. He seems to be in a haze. Kendall notices right away that there’s something wrong but Nico always shrugged her off telling her he just had some things on his mind.  No More than a week later Nico goes missing and she falls into deep depression, always thinking about her. It doesn’t help any that she has bad OCD. The OCD won’t let her forget about the two missing students from her class.
After awhile she starts seeing scratch marks in the books that are messages to her, pleading for help. She can’t help but wonder who is scratching the marks in the desk.
Cryer’s cross was had me reading from beginning till start, I couldn’t even tear away from the book. I just wanted to know what happens next. The ending of the book was a complete surprise and at some parts I had to cover my mouth in horror, Cryer’s cross was a very emotional book and when a book taps into your emotions you know it’s a good book.
I have to say that the cover of the book was amazing. It definitely portrays the book. The cover is what made me want to go and read it and I’m glad I did.
Lisa McMann is an amazing talented author; I can’t wait to read what’s going to come out next.

5/5 stars


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About Me

I’m 20 years old and ever since I could remember I had a passion for reading. Even before I knew how to read my grandmother would sit with me for hours and read me books.
I started out reading the popular books like, Harriet the spy, the babysitter club books, Junie B. Jones and the magic attic club series.
But after awhile I started going to Young adult section in my library, there I fell in love with the YA world and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Read YA books and someday be a young adult author.
My first YA book that I read was by Rachel Hawthorne, her book was called The Island of Girls and Boys, and ever since I read that book I’ve been hooked.
I’m a big dreamer, someday I would like to travel all over the world but for now all I can do is travel through books. Reading gives me a sense of calmness, somewhere I can escape to when the world around me crumbles to pieces.
My favorite authors are:  Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols, and Susane Colasanti. There are many more but it would be a very long list.
I started participating in her ARC tours and I thought, I could do something like that to, So here I am trying to create a blog that people would be actually interested to come to.
If you ever want to contact me my email is

So Much Closer

I was very excited to be able to read an advanced copy of So Much Closer,  I have been waiting to read this book since I first read what it was about, but I do have to say this book did disappoint me a little bit.
Brooke has been in love with Scott for years, she finally gets the courage to talk to Scott for the first time ever, but when she finally talks to him he tells her the news she never expected, Scott was moving to New York.  
Although she has never talked to Scott before she thinks she and him are soul mates.  So what does she do when she finds out he is moving, she moves to her dads house (who she hasn’t talked to for years) in New York City.
Although I do admire her courage for going after she wants, I think it’s really creepy of her to move to New York City just because of some boy.  I mean do you really thing that after never talking to a boy it’s alright to pretty much stalk the kid to another state.
While she’s attending her school in New York she starts tutoring John.  John has a learning disability and it’s hard for him to get concentrate and get good grades. When the weather is nice outside John takes Brooke to his favorite spots in New York. Telling her to stop and pay attention to what’s around her, to show her the little details that most people miss. John may have a learning disability but he’s so sweet and I immediately fell in love with his character.  

Something that annoyed me about Brooke was how the whole time that Brooke was with Scott there was no mention of John or her other friends. It’s like she left them.  I never thought that Scott was the right person for her, which made me upset because here was Brooke who thinks she was in love and Scott was super nice to her, leading her on and then Bam she falls for him even more.  She didn’t even notice John.
Since the first chapter with John I knew I was hooked, I was rooting for John and Brooke the whole time.
I can’t wait to see what’s next from Susane

4/5 stars


Welcome to my new blog,
Here are some thing to expect when you visit my page:
1- Book reviews
2- Author interviews
3- Contests and giveaways
4- ARC tours (maybe)