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Author:Michael Grant
Publication date:April 5

There are just some series that are dragged on to long; I don’t know what the author is thinking. But in this case it’s not true; I could keep reading and reading the gone series forever.
Each book has more suspense, action, and thrill in it. I can’t get enough of it. Plague has giving us more to ponder on, each book new mysteries arise. While I’m reading I have so many questions in my mind, and sometimes while I’m reading the Gone series, I just want to punch something.
At the beginning I had mixed feelings about Albert, he is selfish, manipulative and controlling, but very well organized. He tells Sam to go out to find more drinking water, so Same, Dekka, computer Jack , and Brittany go off to find some sufficient drinking water for everyone, meanwhile Edilio is the new leader of the FAYZ and everything is going fine until kids all over start getting the flu, not just the flu, it’s the plague.
Kids start having insects growing inside of them and ripping out of their body, and soon Drake escapes and has an insect army that’s indestructible.  Things get out of hand. Everyone is dying around them, everyone is worrying. I really wish someone would end Drake, I wish it were possible. He’s indestructible and he doesn’t care who he kills. He is out for murder!
While Caine and Diana are somewhere secluded, where no one dares go, they have food, water and comfort. Everything they need. Until Caine is needed in the FAYZ, he wants to be the ruler, her wants to be the king.
I really liked how there was parts with little Pete. I didn’t exactly know what was going on the whole time but man is he messed up. So much power in such a little boy and it’s not all good power either. I have wanted to know what was up with Little Pete since the beginning, Astrid had her hands full and she was so stressed all the time.
I was kind of disappointed with the whole Sam and Astrid part of the story.  There wasn’t much of them together in this one, but I hope everything works out. I’m so excited yet mad that I have to wait till 2012 to read Fear, the fifth book in the Gone series.
Again were left with a cliffhanger, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.
4/5 stars


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Got my copy the other day and been so glad to see that this one is as awesome as the rest of the series.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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