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I really liked how Alex Flinn modernized a whole bunch of little fairytales and stuck them together to make a great modern fairytale. Although I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, it was still enjoyable.

Johnny works at his family’s shoe repair shop in a hotel, working long hard hours to help pay all the bills. One day, the princess of Aloria comes and stays at the hotel where Johnny works. She comes find Johnny and makes a proposal. She wants him to go on a quest to find her lost brother who was turned into a frog. The princess gave him a magic cloak and a pair of earbuds so he can talk to animals who were once humans.

That convinced Johnny that this wasn’t a game, it was real. He accepts the quest only because she offered him lots of money, money he could give to his mom to pay the bills. She also said that if he came back with her brother, she would marry him.

Johnny goes on a quest running into many problems along the way, testing his strength and courage.

This book is fast paced and action packed, although this book was kind of predictable it was still a good read. Cloaked had my attention throughout the entire book but I didn’t love the book as much as I thought it was going to.

I didn’t know half of the fairytales mentioned in this book but that’s what made it better. The fairytales that have been included in this book is: “The Elves and the Shoemaker”, “ The Frog Prince”, “ The Six Swans”, “The Golden Bird”, “The Valiant tailor”, “The Salad” and “The Fisherman and His Wife.”

If you’re in the mood for a light read, I would suggest reading “Cloaked.” You will not be disappointed. I hope that Alex Flinn comes out with some more modernized fairytales!

3/5 stars


Lieder Madchen said...

Nice review. I liked this one, too!

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