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The Chaos

The chaos is the second installment in the Numbers series. This book isn’t as action packed as the first one, but it was still a great book!
Adam is Jem and Spiders son; he has the same condition his mom (Jem) has. He can look into someone’s and see their death date. He not only sees their death date he can see and feel how they’re going to die.
Adam is scared; he keeps seeing the same number flashing in almost everyone’s eyes. He wants to get out of England and warn the people, of something big that’s going to kill everyone, but he doesn’t know how to tell everyone without sounding like a crazy psychopath.
Then there’s Sarah’s point of view, she’s a pregnant teen who keeps having the same nightmares over and over again. Each night she wakes up screaming in terror of the horrors of her nightmare. She doesn’t know what they mean, and she doesn’t know if it’s real, but she’s scared. She can sense something is wrong. Suddenly Adam shows up at her school. It’s the boy in her nightmare, the one that takes her baby away into the flames.
When they meet up Adam is instantly drawn to Sarah and Sarah is drawn to him but she’s scared her nightmare will come true, she tries to stay away from him as much as she can, but he keeps finding her.
Adam and Sarah go on a journey to help the people of England and finding their inner strength.
I was very excited to read the second book in the numbers series. I loved both of the main characters, their personalities, their differences. The huge twist at the end was very exciting and I did not see it coming. I can’t wait to read book number three in the Number series: Infinity which comes out in July 2011.

5/5 stars


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