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The Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills

The Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills
Author: Joanna Pearson
Pages: 214
publication date: July 1 2011

For anyone who's ever survived a rite of passage or performed a mating dance at Prom . . .

The Japanese hold a Mogi ceremony for young women coming of age. Latina teenagers get quinceaneras. And Janice Wills of Melva, NC ... has to compete in the Miss Livermush pageant.

Janice loves anthropology--the study of human cultures--and her observations help her identify useful rules in the chaotic world of high school. For instance: Dancing is an effective mating ritual--but only if you're good at it; Hot Theatre Guys will never speak to Unremarkable Smart Girls like Janice and her best friend, Margo; and a Beautiful Rich Girl will always win Melva's annual Miss Livermush pageant.

But when a Hot Theatre Guy named Jimmy Denton takes an interest in Janice, all her scientific certainties explode. For the first time, she has to be part of the culture that she's always observed; and all the charts in the world can't prove how tough--and how sweet--real participation and a real romance can be.

Funny, biting, and full of wisdom, this marks the debut of a writer to watch.

I got 2 copies of this ARC so I gave one to my friend and while I was over at her house we both read it, it’s more fun reading the same book with friends, that way you can discuss it along the way. I did enjoy reading it but the only thing about the ARC copies was there was some empty spots in the book that said it was for artwork, I have to go to the bookstore and find out what the pictures looked like!
The Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills is about a nerdish girl who loves anthropology, she lives breathes and sleeps anthropology, she even writes about anthropology about her classmates, she’s smart and a fun character to read about. I loved Janice and all her embarrassing moments.
Janice is also an observer; she hates the spotlight, much like myself and observes her classmates. Then she enters the livermush pageant, for her research. Then while she’s participating in it she starts changing a little bit. Then she starts to like the thing that she detests the most, being in the spotlight.
So many embarrassing moments for poor Janice, but she lives through them without too much humiliation.  Normally I wouldn’t read something like this, but I really did enjoy reading this.
Although before I read the synopsis of it I thought Anthropology was about bugs and I thought that maybe this book wasn’t for me, but then I figured out that it has nothing to do about bugs.
It was interesting to learn about different cultures while reading this book. There were some interesting facts in this book and I am so glad that Anthropology had nothing to do with bugs.
This book was quirky and fun, a fast paced book with a lovable character. I think it would be cool if the author could create a little story about 10 years into Janice’s future.
3/5 stars


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