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#100 blogfest

Martin king is doing a 100 blogs in 30 days challenge, Today he is visiting my blog and posting a childhood memory:

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We all love to dream. Even now as adults we maybe dream about winning the lottery or being a sports star. Or could it be we dream about becoming an a ballerina or author? Even older still, we dream about getting that six pack or back or discovering a miracle plant and growing our hair again. We might chuckle, but we all do it, we have our dreams.
It was no different back when we were children. Dreams were fuelled by the books we read which in turn energised our imaginations. Asterix the Gaul might have not been everyone’s cup of tea, but having a magic potion that would make us I wanted a piece of that.
I remember reading about Brear Rabbit and how clever he was. That in turn made me imagine I could outsmart anyone. Then one day I was caught by three bullies who were going to take me some place and duff me over.
I had to think... ‘What would Brear Rabbit do – I know I will pretend I’m not bothered and then the moment they relax their guard, I’ll outrun them.’ So that is what I did, I acted without a care in the world I was going to get a good beating. One bully had one arm and one the other, but as soon as they slackened off, they were no match for yours truly.
Perhaps you dreamed about having super powers. And no, I keep telling you, I’m not going to tell you the story of me running down the street with a blanket tied around my neck like a cape.
The common denominator for our dreams and wonderful imagination – books! So keep reading and, if you’ve not picked up a book in a while, now’s a good time to do it. And do you know what; perhaps your dreams might come true after all.
These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:


Rachel Brooks said...

Dreaming and using your imagination is very important. Great post!

Thanks for taking part in #100blogfest, Alyssa. I’m a new follower— wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

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