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The Teashop Girls

The Teashop Girls
Author:Laura Shaefer
Pages: 250
Publication date: December 30 2008

The Official Rules of the Teashop Girls

1. Teashop girls are best friends forever.

2. Tea is held every week, no matter what.

3. All tea and scones must be split equally at all times.

Annie, Genna, and Zoe have been hanging out at the Steeping Leaf since elementary school. The Teashop Girls do everything together — at least they used to. With the end of eighth grade approaching, Genna's too busy with theater, Zoe's always at tennis, and Annie feels totally left out. What happened to tea every week, no matter what?

When Annie convinces her grandmother to give her a job as a barista at the Leaf, things begin to look up. In between whipping up chai lattes for customers, and attempting to catch the attention of her Barista Boy crush, Annie is finally beginning to feel as grown-up as her best friends. But an eviction notice spells trouble for the Leaf and unless they can turn the business around, the teashop will have to close its doors forever.

Fresh, honest, and sweet, Laura Schaefer's debut novel is sure to resonate with readers everywhere.

Every once in awhile I read the younger teens books, the teashop girls is a book for younger readers, and while reading it I couldn’t help but cringe at how childish it was at times.

Annie and her two best friends Genna and Zoe have loved the teashop ever since they were little girls. Their grandmother owns a tea café called the steeping leaf in town. Annie and her best friends are always there. As they grew up Genna and Zoe have become busier and busier. Annie is the only one dedication to tea.

Annie asked her grandmother if she could work at the steeping leaf in her spare time. Her grandmother agrees and Annie immediately starts working there. But she had no idea about the cute intern that works there, except he’s only got eyes for her sister.

Soon after starting their Annie receives devastating news, the steeping leaf is losing money and there’s not enough for the monthly rent. The Steeping leaf is going out of business.

Annie gets her friends to help and with their help they try anything in their power to save the Steeping leaf. They create flyers they advertise as much as they can but they just can’t compete with the new coffee shop across the street. There are some dedicated customers that come to the steeping leaf but it’s not enough. While trying to save the shop all three girls are growing further apart. They aren’t spending as much time together and now they’re all in a fight.

“The Teashop Girls” was a quick read and I was happy to read it but it was just lacking something. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m used to all these young adult novels but I felt like the story was lacking. Although I didn’t like it as much as I thought I was I was happy to start reading the second book which has just come out.

2/5 stars


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