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He's So Not Worth It

He's So Not Worth It
Author:Kieran Scott

Ally Ryan, come on down to the Jersey Shore and forget your troubles!

Have you recently been humiliated in front of your friends and family at your former best friend's birthday party? Was your almost boyfriend partly responsible for that humiliation by withholding some vital information about where your estranged father is? Did you come home to find said estranged father sitting on your stoop?

If so, then it sounds like you could use a vacation! The Jersey Shore is the place to be. Your mother may be living with her boyfriend of only a few months, but at least the stunt Shannen pulled has put some of your friends back in your court. Even so, you're still angry and what better way to get over Jake than to blow off some steam with local guy, Cooper? People will hardly recognize your new attitude, but the old one wasn't getting you anywhere, so who cares!

Jake Graydon, an exciting opportunity is waiting for you in the service industry!

Are your grades so low your parents have grounded you for the summer? Did you the girl you really like unceremoniously leave you behind? Would you rather eat dirt than see your friends again? Then a job at the local coffee shop is just the ticket! Surprisingly, Ally's father is the new manager so you get to be reminded of her nearly every day. Maybe it's time to start flirting with your best friend's ex or even taking school a bit more seriously. Especially when you finally see Ally and she's hanging around with some loser and it's couldn't be more clear that she is over you.

Have a great summer!

Oh My God…. Did that really just happen?

From beginning to start I just couldn’t stop reading this book, I just finished the first one (“She’s so dead to us”) and loved it, and now I finished the second one. I didn’t think this book could top the first one but I was so wrong, so very wrong.

“He’s so not worth it” started off right after the first drama filled book, there’s never a dull moment in Ally’s life that’s for sure.

Ally has just gotten over the fact that her dad after running away for two years and not telling anyone where he is has suddenly appeared on her doorstep after the unfortunate incident that happened right before that. Ally’s mom wanted nothing to do with him, especially since she was dating a rich guy who she loved.

Ally just wants everything to work out, she wants her mom and dad to get back together, she wants nothing to do with her back stabbing friends and most of all she doesn’t want anything to do with Jake. That’s why she starts getting closer to a local hottie, all he and her ever do is go to parties and drink alcohol. I knew something was up with him from the very beginning, he didn’t seem very nice.

Throughout the book it switches from Ally’s point of view to Jakes. I really appreciated the different POV because you knew what Jake was actually feeling. Jake loved Ally so much and just wanted to make things right. I wouldn’t think twice about dating a boy as nice and handsome as Jake. I realized that Ally was mad at Jake but she didn’t really need to act like that towards him.

You’re not missing out on the drama; both books are filled with so much drama in everyone’s life, it’s like their very own soap opera.

The thing about main characters is that when you read about them and what they’re thinking you kind of start to dislike the character a little bit. Ally acted like a total B**** (excuse the word but I don’t know how else to put it) she’s whiny, she pity’s herself way too much, plus she puts way to much drama on herself. I know she does have an excuse. Her life is a living nightmare, and I think that if I were her I would act the same way.

I just can’t get enough of this series. I think Kieran Scott is my new favorite author! And everyone complains about the love triangle’s in books well there wasn’t just a love triangle, there was a love square, meaning she had not 1, not 2, but 3 guys who liked her. *sigh* bad decisions were made, fights broke out and the cliffhanger at the end. You do not know how much I just want to break into Kieran’s house and borrow her manuscript for just a sneak peek.

5/5 stars


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