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Pretty Bad Things

Pretty Bad Things
Author:C.J. Skuse
Pages: 256
publication date: July 1 2011

"Wonder Twins" on the run--and running amok--in Vegas. Road Trip!

Paisley and Beau are boldface names again. Last time, paparazzi called them the "Wonder Twins," two kids found alone but alive in the woods of exotic New Jersey. Three days after their mom's death -- and before their dad's criminal misdeeds.

Flash-forward to now: Their so-called lives? Suck out loud: Hating on their cougarized, Botoxic grandma, they're totally clueless about the location of ex-con Daddy. Till they discover a stash of old letters. That's when they decide to jack the Pontiac and hit the road. Holding up donut shops in Sin City might seem extreme, but if they can just get their pretty bad faces back on TV -- or TMZ -- they might wrap up their whole gaga saga with an Oprah-worthy reunion already!

Paisley and Beau  are twins, they both have some pretty messed up lives, when they were 6 years old there dad up and left without telling them, later there mom told them that he had been put into jail and would stay there for 10 years.
There mom didn’t want anything to do with any of them, if they did something wrong their mom would lock down in the basement, or hit them. She said nasty things to them and never treated them right. I did feel really bad for the both of them, especially since they were both so young and their mom treated them like a bug under her shoe.
Then they came home from school one day to find their mom dead, they called the police and then got shipped off to their grandmothers house. Aren’t almost all grandmothers nice? Well there’s certainly aren’t.  Their grandmother treats them like scum, and ever since they were little and they were found in the woods all alone they have been on multiple talk shows, they were on the news, they were practically famous. People felt bad for them so they sent them stuff and lots of money for their education when they got older.
They had over 10 million dollars and their grandmother never told them about it. She was using the money and stealing the money from them. All I can say is she is an ugly demented woman and she got what she deserved!
At sixteen Paisley and Beau just found letters that were kept from them from their dad. He was writing ever since he left. He still cared about them. They found out he was out of jail and living somewhere in Las Vegas. Paisley and Beau steal their grandmother’s car and antiques (that rightfully belong to them) and left on a road trip to find their father.
They search and find him homeless, living on the streets, they tried to follow him but lost him and ever since then they have tried to find him. That’s where the robbing comes in. Paisley and Beau rob little candy stores or anything sweet and just take the food, each time leaving a message for their father, in hopes that they would be on the news and their father would see it.
Thu n begins their journey of finding their dad.
I really did enjoy this book and, I read it in a few hours and loved every moment of it. I certainly disagreed with the robbing part but it’s not like they took money, well only once.
The twins both escaped near misses with the cop.
I really liked both of the twin’s personality, they were complete opposites. Paisley wasn’t afraid of anything, at least she didn’t let on that she wasn’t and Beau was the softie, for a boy he was very emotional, almost wimpy, right at the end I thought it was cool how the author completely changed both their personalities around.
This is definitely a great book and I haven’t heard too much about it but it deserves more hype

 4/5 stars


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