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She's So Dead to Us

She's So Dead to Us
Author: Kieran Scott

Born with a silver spoon, living with a plastic spork. The first book in a new trilogy about losing it all and being better off.

I loved reading “She’s So Dead to Us”, it was a quick and fun read, and most important of all I wanted to meet each character in the book and punch them in the face. I have never read a book where the characters were this vicious.

She’s So Dead to us started out with Ally and her mom coming back into town. After having to leave town on and unfortunate matter where her father invested a lot of her and her friends family money and losing it all, now Ally is broke and all of her friends lost so much money, many of them having to lose some of their homes, others having to sell their vacation homes.

Now she’s back in town after years of leaving with her friends hating her. She returns to school and tries to talk to her friends but they snub her and ignore her completely, well almost. Ally’s ex-friends have some humiliating, dangerous and pure evil tricks up their sleeves. They want Ally to pay for what her father did, at all costs.

While reading this I was so sympathetic to Ally, she wasn’t the one who lost all their money. Her father didn’t know this was all going to happen. It was a complete accident. I don’t know why her ex-best friends have to be so mean to her.

I hated how the two girls who wanted to get back at Ally the most were Faith and Shannon. The rest of the group just couldn’t stand up to them and accept Ally. At times they were almost nice to her when Faith and Shannon weren’t around. And now let’s start with Jake. He’s new to Ally’s old friend circle and she finds out he lives in her old house. At first he was kind of sweet (when he wasn’t with his friends) when he was with them he was almost as bad as everyone. Jake didn’t even have the guts to stick up for her. She felt hurt and rejected.

Kieran Scott is an absolutely amazing writer, I feel like when someone hates or loves a character it means the author did well. It means there emotion behind their words. She’s So Dead to Us left us in a cliffhanger and thankfully I was able to read the second one right away. Unfortunately now I have to wait for the third one which I assume comes out sometimes next May.

Loved this book to death definitely recommend it to everyone, especially those who are looking for an escape from all the dystopian/paranormal books.

5/5 stars


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