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I have read a few other books by Deb Caletti and they were really slow for me. I almost didn’t want to finish them, but when I started reading Stay I couldn’t put it down.  This book had me on an emotional roller coaster that kept going up and down.
Clara and Christian meet each other for the first time and there’s instant attraction towards each other. They start becoming closer and closer and their love for each other deepens into an unhealthy relationship. What Clara thought was love for each other has become an obsession for Christian.
I loved how each chapter switched from the past to the present. It painted an even better picture in my mind about what was going on.  When Clara and Christian first got together I thought they were the perfect couple. Christian seemed crush worthy but then I start noticing the jealousy, easy to anger and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde side of him. All signs of an abusive relationship.
Clara and her dad go away for the summer to a beach house, where they can get away from all the stress and worry of what they left behind.  After two years of being in a relationship with Christian, Clara meets Finn. Finn is a nice caring guy, who helps Clara with the emotional memories. While Finn and Clara get closer she realizes that Finn may be what she was looking for all along.
Stay is Clara’s journey to find love and healing and she finds it in just the right people. I connected with all the characters in the story. It was all just heartbreaking with all the sadness and pain that some of the characters had. Each character played a special part in the book and it all flowed together really nicely.
Deb Calletti wrote about a tough subject that happens all over the world and brought it into the YA population (and to adults).  I am grateful to be able to read a ARC copy of this book and I recommend it to everyone!

5/5 stars


Jackie said...

I want to read this now! I haven't read any of her books but own a couple and I really like the synopsis so we'll see how it goes! Great review! And cute blog! I really like the format. Cute font, background, everything! Glad to be a follower! :)

Sakira said...

I've been anticipating this book for a little now since I've seen it on goodreads and a couple other blogs. I like your review best of all. It sounds so sweet and poignant. I definitely have to get this book now!! (Ack! Why must your reviews be so tantalizing???)


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