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once in a full moon

Couple of things I want to point out that I really liked about this book:  I loved how at every chapter there was a picture of the moon, and I loved the cover. It was so intriguing looking. I have been looking forward to reading “Once in a Full Moon” for awhile now. Ever since I read the plot I was hooked.
Celeste and her best friends made a bet to go to the psychic on the other side of town, her two best friends get the normal fortunes told to them, but when the psychic tells Celeste to be away of the kiss under the full moon, it will change forever. She finds it strange and wants to get out of there as fast as she can. Then the other things that the psychic predicted came true and she started to become afraid.
Celeste and Nash have been together for awhile, they’re the perfect couple, everyone envy’s them .But then the new kid, Brandon comes to school.
Because the girls won the bet Nash has to invite Brandon to the party. Nash doesn’t like Brandon and something happens at the party and Nash and Celeste break up.
Brandon is the new kid, very mysterious and he seems to want to be left alone. Celeste starts finding him intriguing and then she starts hanging out with Brandon, Flirting a little here and there. She starts comparing Brandon and Nash.  They start meeting in secret and there little flirtatious acts turn into love.
When Celeste ignores the psychic and kisses Brandon under the full moon she witnesses something him turn into something else.  When Brandon turns into a wolf he doesn’t remember a thing when he was in that form, so when he turns human again, he thinks he was just sleeping during that time. But Celeste tries to convince Brandon of what he really is.
I have read a lot of mixed reviews about this book. I was a little hesitant to read it because everyone says it wasn’t that great of a book. But I loved it!
I have read her previous series: vampire kisses and loved it so why not give this book a chance. I can’t wait for the second book in this series: Magic of the Moonlight which comes out in December :) This book left us in a cliffhanger and I’m hoping December comes real fast.
5/5 stars


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