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dark moon review

Dark moon is the second book in the wereling series, this book is action packed with suspense and excitement.  Each page you turn makes it even more suspenseful wondering what’s going to happen next.
In the first book Trey found out he was a werewolf, Caliban, one of the most powerful vampires in the world is trying to kill trey but Lucian got him before he could get hurt. Lucian mentored Trey and gave him a place to stay but he wasn’t safe yet. Caliban couldn’t get to Trey so he kidnapped Lucian and left him to fight to his death.
Gwendolin, a very evil and powerful sorceress, has a key that could save Lucian. So Trey and Alexa (daughter of Lucian) have to travel to the netherworlds to defeat Gwendolin and get the key. Trey and Alexa get trapped and have to fight to save themselves.
The end of the book leaves a cliffhanger and that’s when book 2: Dark moon start up .
In the second book Trey has learned to control the inner werewolf more, his powers have become stronger as they travel to get the glove from Gwendolin.
Lucien is on the brink of death and the only thing that could help him is to retrieve the glove and destroy Gwendolyn.  Trey, Alexa, Charles and tom must go and endanger their lives to heal Lucian.
Trey Doesn’t like Charles at all, Charles is Alex’s ex and Trey becomes a tad jealous, he doesn’t like Charles cocky attitude either. When they go on a mission to retrieve the globe they have to work together, it was a test of strength and determination for both of them, as they are working together they earn more respect for each other. Both Charles and Trey have their strengths and weaknesses but when they worked together it was just enough to get done what had to be done, they both sacrificed a lot and in the end it was well worth it.
The second book also left us with a cliffhanger, we know that Trey just found out he has an uncle that is also a werewolf and it ends just before he leaves to go find him.
Steve feasey’s next book in the wereling series is called blood wolf.

4/5 stars


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