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Review for Angel,

To be honest Angel was not my favorite in the series, in the last book “Fang”, we find out  that Fang is leaving the flock, he’s going to start a new flock and go away from Max, even though they are in love, he thinks it’s for the best, ever since then Max has been heartbroken and sad. But Dylan is there, Dylan is totally and faithfully in love with Max. He was programmed to love Max they were made for each other.
A couple of things that annoyed me about this book:
Fang and Max are not together
Dylan and Max are getting closer
I think Angel is really creepy in this one, not only has she betrayed the flock 20 million times before but she acts like she’s an adult when she’s really only 7.Angel is so well behaved and its annoying, every single page I turn I keep thinking Angel is going to do something evil to the flock, surprisingly she doesn’t!
But they don’t have time to think about Angel ,there is a big threat about the end of the world and Max’s flock and Fang’s new flock must come together to save the world. There are some ups and downs and a lot of tension between the two flocks but they had to put their differences and emotions to the side so that they could save the world.
If I knew there were giant bird kids living in my world and they were trying to save the world of completely erasing I would be very scared. Not only would we have to put our trust in little kids but we would have to get over the fact that there are superhuman teenagers out there that could bring down world domination.
I loved the new characters in the book, they all had a meaning and a purpose in this book and they all blended together to make an amazing new flock, and it was just amazing to see them all working together in the end.
Although there were a few things that were annoying in this book I absolutely loved it. Ever since book one I have been entranced in this series, now I have to wait a whole year to read the final book in the series *sigh*.
If you read the other books then you going to love this one, tune in next February to read The end of maximum ride ( the true title of the book) I wonder if the world does end in the last one?
4/5 stars


LindsayWrites said...

new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff! haven't read any of these books yet but i will!

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Anonymous said...

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Alice said...

I love this series, but this book was a big let down for me. I don't like Dylan at all!! I hope he dies in the next book. Max and FANG BELONG TOGETHER!! I hope the next book is better because this is my favorite series of all time. And I agree Angel is freaking annoying.

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