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Babe in Boyland

This book reminds me a lot of “She’s The Man” movie with Amanda Bynes, but its different at the sametime. Jody Gehrman put her own twist into it and made this book with some great twists and such a lovable story. This book had me laughing throughout the whole book.
 Natalie is very dedicated to her love advice column in the school newspaper but a lot of the guys in the school are complaining because she’s been giving bad advice lately. What does she know? She doesn’t exactly have experience in the love department. She gets all her thoughts from books and movies.
Natalie is going to attempt something that no one has ever done before. She’s going to disguise herself as a boy and enroll in an all boy’s school to help her get a better insight on what boys really think. Trying to get a better look so she can get the winning piece of the paper and get respect from her evil editors who seem to mock her every day and it only gets worse when she gets the bad comments from the guys in her school.
Natalie cuts off all her hair (yikes) and starts her new day at school, instantly falling in love with her roommate, Emilio and trying to hide whenever her enemy who has been in the spot light ever since she could remember.  She meets some interesting guys the first day, There’s Tyler and his group of geeks, I liked Tyler’s character in the book, he was honest and sweet and a totally nerd, crushing on Natalie’s best friend Darcy.
After spending a week in an all boy’s school she still hasn’t got any of the answers she went there for.   Natalie writes up and insightful paper about what she’s learned a week being there, she never got the answers but she does look at things a different way now.
What I loved about this book was the lesson Natalie learned at the end. Natalie went looking for the answers of what guys think but she came back discovering herself.  She went through hell in the experience that she had but she came back a better more determined person. She came back appreciating herself.
The cover of this book is hilarious and it drew my attention the first time I laid eyes on it. A+ for the cover

5/5 stars


Amber Skye said...

What a cute blog you have here! I'm your newest follower :D

I love the movie She's the Man, so this looks like a good read for me. Thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

thank you :)

I loved the movie to, hopefully if you read the book you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Alice said...

I love this book. It is so funny! and I love the movie She the Man too.

Sakira said...

I've heard so much about this book, but I couldn't decide whether or not to read it. After having read your review, I have decided to check it out at my library. It just sounds so cute and fun!!


Anonymous said...

:) im glad your going to check it ou, it was such a cute book, I was very happy to read it

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