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The locket

Another amazing book by Stacey Jay, mostly everyone in their life has thought one time or another, what would happen if you could just erase that one moment in time and redo it. If you’re like me a lot of embarrassing things happen and you wish you could go back in time and forget about it, well this was all possible for Katie.
Katie and Isaac have been together for years. They have been happily in love with each other, and even planned their future together. Until one night Katie cheats on Isaac, with Mitch a friend between the two of them. Isaac soon finds out and dumps Katie. She has regretted the kiss ever since, and has been wishing she could change what happened in the spur of the moment. That night the locket she borrowed from her grandmother’s jewelry case starts getting really hot and she soon finds herself unconscious and waking up at the same party where she kissed Mitch. Before it happened. 
Katie finally has the chance to redo that moment in time where she messed up and she could still live happily ever after with Isaac. Still shocked and trying to figure out what had happened she still didn’t understand how she went back in time. Each time she wished she could redo something the locket would heat up and let her redo the moment over again. Each time she redid her future, the more the future was changing. For the worse.  She didn’t realize that changing those moments led to other nasty possibilities in life.
After she saw that the locket was causing more harm than good she tried taking the necklace off, the clasp just wouldn’t come undone! She tried everything to get it off, she even went to the tool shed and tried wire cutters but the locket still wouldn’t come undone.
This book had many unexpected twists. 
I loved the idea of how Katie traveled back in time to fix her mistake but the outcome always wasn’t a good thing.  Katie learned that fixing your mistakes wasn’t a good thing, at first it seemed like it, but in the end it wasn’t worth it.
I was very happy with the outcome of the book. It made me end the book with a smile.
I would recommend this book to many people who love a good love story once in awhile :)  
5/5 stars


Jessicas-Bookshelf said...

This book sounds amazing. I'll have to check it out. I can't wait for Juliet Immortal to come out!

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