Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes
Author:Jennifer Archer
Publication date: April 5 2011

Every ghost has a story to tell.

The last place Tansy Piper wants to be is stuck in Cedar Canyon, Texas, in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of small-town kids. But when her mother decides to move to the desolate West Texas town, Tansy has no choice but to go along. Once there, Tansy is immediately drawn to the turret of their rickety old house, a place she soon learns has a disturbing history. But it's the strange artifacts she finds in the cellar—a pocket watch, a journal of poetry, and a tiny crystal—that have the most chilling impact on her.

Tansy soon finds that through the lens of her camera, she can become part of a surreal black-and-white world where her life is intertwined with that of mysterious, troubled Henry, who lived in the same house and died decades earlier. It seems their lives are linked by fate and the artifacts she found, but as Tansy begins spending more and more time in the past, her present world starts to fade away. Tansy must untangle herself from Henry's dangerous reality—before she loses touch with her own life forever.


Through her eyes is a haunting book that leaves you questioning what’s going to happen next.
Tansy and her mom has moved so many times she just gives up on the whole friend thing. She doesn’t want to become attached to someone and then have to leave whenever her mom finishes her book and then moves somewhere else for her new book to be written.
Tansy’s mom writes horror stories, each book she writes she has to move to a new location, somewhere where her book will be set. That’s how Tansy got stuck moving to the middle of nowhere in Texas, to a house that has said to be haunted by the boy who killed himself there.
Tansy then explores the grounds, she finds a cellar with a box hidden underneath the steps; inside it has a piece of glass, a stopwatch and a journal with poems inside.
Strange things have been happening around the house, She finds out the name of the boy, Henry who committed suicide, when she looks through the viewfinder of her camera she sees a black and white world, she sees what it was like back when her grandfather was a teenager, she finds out that Henry and her grandfather used to be good friends and then stranger things start happening.
She tries to fit the puzzle pieces of the mystery together but nothing makes sense. She befriends the school outcast and together they become best friends, then Tansy starts to like Tate, the cute boy at school who seems to change moods towards her every day. Soon they turn to trust in each other and they Tansy tells him everything. Tansy thinks she’s going crazy and then finally all the pieces fit together.
Between moving all the time, her grandfather not talking anymore, not getting enough sleep, and trying to solve the mystery is really stressful on Tansy.
Through her eyes was an ok book. I thought the plot was pretty good, but for some reason I couldn’t stay focused on the story line. Yes I got all the way through it, I really wanted to know what happens. I liked how Tansy wasn’t perfect and neither were any of the characters in the book. I liked how strong and brave the main character was.
I was hoping for a little bit more romance but I was glad I gave this book a try. I think this is a stand- alone book, but I would have liked the story to go on, just to see what happens. 
3/5 stars


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I have this one in my TBR pile. Need to move it closer to the top.

Sakira said...

I saw this at my library's new reads shelf and decided to check it out since the plot looked interesting. I'm disappointed to see that there isn't more romance-- or maybe a bit more action. The plot does suggest that there's mystery and suspense. Guess I'll have to read and find out! :)


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