Stylish Blogger Award

I'm really excited and I really appreciate Alyssa over at Hesperia loves books for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award. Recieving this award really made my day and I was overly excited.
Although I have to admit, this blog wouldnt be that pretty without the help of me best friend Cheyenne from The Chey Show, she put my whole blog together, all I did was pick out the layout. Because if you didnt know I am very computer challenged.

I have read Hesperia loves books blog post about the award and I'm going to do the same thing she did by telling you 7 facts about myself and then giving out this award to other people.

1- I wouldnt be the reader I am today if it werent for my grandmother who read to me constantly and bought me books all throughout my childhood.

2- I am addicted to the peppermint 5 gum, chocolate milkshakes,soft blankets,Glee, and most of all BOOKS!

3-I hate the color pink, well not all pink, I own some pretty cool pink things but pink is just not my color, my favorite color is black,blue and purple.

4- I will never ever listen to audiobooks, I dont know why but I just have this thing about having to read it and listening to it is just not good enough for me.

5- I hate all bugs, every single kind. I think its a phobia I have, when I see a bug or come in contact with one I scream like a little girl and run around the house trying to get away with it.

6- I'm only 17 years old right now but when I graduate (in a year) I want to be a full time author/publisher.

7- and last but not least I love to blog :) If you have any questions you can contact me anytime, my email is on the top right hand corner of my blog :)

Here's my award list for the most stylish bloggers:

Cheyenne- The Chey Show
Casey- The Bookish Type
Adam- roof beam reader
Alyssa- Hesperia loves books
Chloe- YA Booklover Blog

make sure to go follow them and check out there blogs :)


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