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A Boy back from Heaven Review

Title: A Boy back from Heaven
 Author: Celeste and Mathew Goodwin
 Publication date: March 11 2014


I normally don’t read anything that isn’t young adult , but for some reason I’m drawn to sad stories that make me cry. 

It’s so sad knowing that cases like this happen every day all around the world. The pain and suffering that people have to go through is unbearable to think about and especially in kids. 

In a month I’m going to be a first time mom and this book touched me more than anything because I imagined as a mom what it would be like to go through this type of thing with my sons, reading about the suffering of a five year old made tears come to my eyes. 

Mathew and his family were so strong and I loved reading about how they stayed strong in their faith even through the worst possible situations.

Mathew had the most amazing experience when he was able to visit heaven for a couple of minutes, some people dream about glimpses of seeing Jesus, and here this little boy could have that experience that changed his life forever. I’m so glad that Celeste and Mathew were able to share this experience through a book, and I hope that this book touches as many people as possible.

 4/5 stars


audreygeddes said...

Thank you for sharing, A Boy back from Heaven. This sounds like an amazing read and I can't wait to get this one :-). You might also enjoy, "Held By The Hand Of God: Why Am I Alive," by Joe Laws. This is definitely a book for people who want to believe that heaven truly exists. It's very touching, and eye opening!

Terry Greer said...

Wow. This book looks amazing! I have to read it. And thank you also, Audrey, for sharing your title. I will check that out as well :-). Cheers!

audreygeddes said...

Enjoy the book, Terry! You're welcome :}.

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