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Magic Within Review

Title: Magic Within
Author: Sara Fitzgerald
Publication date: February 2014

 Nancy, a purple-haired witch, has never fit in with the kids in town. She has always felt something was deeply wrong with her. When Josh, her best friend, is attacked by a werewolf, Nancy seeks a potion to save him from the werewolf curse within him. But Josh’s fate--werewolf or human--is his to decide, when the potion is injected during his transition at thefull of the moon.

Nancy, too, must make a choice. Her mother, her best friend, and a
steadfast young man all see the magic within her. Can she finally accept who she is and give love a chance?


I started off liking this book but I felt like this was a second book in the series. All this talk about defeating vampires, I felt like I was missing information. I hate reading books and finding out it’s the second or third book in a series because it makes me feel like I’m missing out on useful information. 

Magic Within is a fast paced book, that didn’t take long to read at all. Once you start reading it’s hard to stop because you just want to know what happens next, I liked being able to read from both Josh and Nancy’s POV, but I just didn’t feel the connection between the characters. 

I thought that Nancy’s character at times was whiny and annoying and the romance between her and Nick was almost non-existent. 

That being said I liked the plot of this book. I’m a huge werewolf fan so whenever a book has werewolf’s in it, I’m hooked! 



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