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Changes are coming!!!

Meredith   Everybody meet Meredith, a new addition to the blog. She's going to put up reviews, and add some new content for us :)

Here's a  blurb about her:

My name is Meredith and I’ve been in love with books since my fourth grade teacher gave me a copy of Prisoner of Azkaban, the third installment in the Harry Potter series. Until that moment I had no idea how much laughter, adventure, and love could be found in books… I haven’t been able to put them down since.

For the longest time I was a lurker, I’d visit other Book Bloggers site but I wouldn’t say a word. Recently I discovered Goodreads where a whole new world seem to exist where I could find people just like me… people obsessed with books and dying to share their thoughts and love for everything book related. Goodreads has allowed me to make some really great friends and the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite Romance authors.
I figured since I’ve finally got the courage to start posting reviews that I’d share those thoughts about the books I love with everyone, that’s where this website comes in. This site is designed for all of us to share our favorite novels, book series, and authors and hopefully discover some new ones along the way.
She does have a blog of her own and a tumblr account where she also has book update. You can check them out below:
Blog: meredithsramblesandbabbles
Tumblr: meredithsramblesandbabblestumblr


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