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The Darlings Are Forever

Title: The Darlings Are Forever
Author: Melissa Kantor
publication date:January 4 2011
publisher: Hyperion Book

Jane, Victoria, and Natalya. Together, they are the Darlings. Best friends forever. They have matching necklaces, their own table at Ga Ga Noodle, and even a shared motto: May you always do what you’re afraid of doing.

When the friends begin freshman year at three different high schools in distant corners of New York City, they promise to live by their motto and stay as close as ever. The Darlings know they can get through anything as long as they have each other. But doing scary new things is a lot easier with your friends beside you. And now that the girls aren’t spending all their time together, everything they took for granted about their friendship starts to feel less certain. They can’t help but wonder, will they really be the Darlings forever

I have so many YA books that they kind of all blend together, there’s multiple books out there that have similar plots to this one, It doesn’t mean I didn’t like The Darlings Are Forever, I just had a tough time not being just a teensy bit bored.
Three girls, Jane (the drama queen), Victoria (the hopeless romantic), and Natalya (the genius), all three girls are best friends and have been for as long as they can remember, finally there starting freshman year but since there old school only went up to middle school they had to go somewhere else. All three girls got accepted to three different high schools.
The Darlings made a pact to stay bff’s forever. Until they separated, it was harder than ever for them to stay connected when they had so much going on around them. Jane was a drama geek and was totally devoted to school plays, and maybe having a little bit of a crush on her play director.
Victoria, with the dad who became a Senate and their family’s lives changed forever, not only busy, but they had to talk to the press, hold photo shoots, and even though Victoria was loved by many, she wasn’t used to the instant popularity she had, girls would ask for autographs and maybe a girl was using her best friend to get to know Victoria.
Natalya, was a school genius, she excelled in everything she did, proud of her Russian heritage, and her adoring family. Natalya hasn’t “fit in” at school and she would do anything to get to know the popular trio. The thing is the girl was just using her. Of course she didn’t realize it at first.
After that all Hell broke loose, there were fights, tons of drama, and friendships split. Most importantly the pact was broken. Nothing can change what they did; nothing can turn back time just so they can change the moment where it all changed.
The darlings are forever was cute book, with lots of drama. It’s a book wrote for the younger YA crowd, but I am hoping to enjoy the sequel, “The Darlings Are In Love”
3/5 stars


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