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Porcelain keys Review and giveaway!

Porcelain Keys

Title: Porcelain keys
Author: Sarah Beard
Publication Date: February 11 2014
pages: 344

     Aria s life is full of secrets--secrets about her mother s death, her father's cruelty, and her dream to go to Juilliard. When Aria meets Thomas, he draws out her secrets, captures her heart, and gives her the courage to defy her father. But when tragedy strikes and Thomas disappears, Aria is left alone to transform her broken heart s melody into something beautiful. Porcelain Keys is a captivating love story that will resonate long after the last page is turned.

    Favorite quote: “You’re like a beautiful caged bird, and I want to unlatch the door and set you free.”
  The reason why I started this review off with a quote is too show you just how beautiful Sarah Beard’s writing is. She could have been writing about absolutely nothing and I would still read it because her writing has a way of sucking you into the beauty of her words. I just can’t explain to you how beautiful and descriptive her writing is. You have to read this book for yourself.
  This book was all about Aria and how she handles her abusive father, her mother’s death, her love of music and Thomas. I know nothing about the piano or music in general, so I thought I was going to have a harder time trying to connect with Aria because a lot of the book was focused on her piano. But I had no trouble at all connecting with the character. If anything it helped me appreciate classical music even more. You could feel the passion and emotion that surged through her whenever she played the piano.
As for Thomas, him and Aria’s connection was almost immediate. I wanted them to be together from the moment they both met each other. As the book goes on Thomas’s and Aria’s relationship gets more deep and intense and burdens and secrets are shared between them both. They had a bond that was very strong from the beginning. They both had their ups and downs as a couple. There were times where I just wanted to throw the book across the room, and other times where I teared up. The love was there the whole time.
  By reading my review you know that I absolutely loved everything about this book. I couldn’t put it down, if you haven’t added this book to your to-read pile then you should add it right away!

5/5 stars

SARAH BEARD is the author of Porcelain Keys, a YA contemporary romance. She has a degree in communications from the University of Utah and splits her time between writing and raising three energetic boys. She is a cancer survivor and a hopeless
romantic. She enjoys reading and composing music, and lives with her husband and children in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can follow Sarah on twitter at @authorsarahb, or at   

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Porcelain Keys

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